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We know seeking compensation from the person responsible for someone's death is a difficult experience for surviving family members. But having Riverside wrongful death lawyer who will advocate for the deceased and his or her family can make it easier.
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Riverside Wrongful Death Attorney

In California, wrongful death claims are civil actions brought by family members who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s fault. Wrongful deaths are typically sudden and unexpected leaving family members in a state of shock and grief. After the death of a loved one, close family members have to suffer through the emotional distress of losing a loved one. They often feel overwhelmed and distraught as they try to figure out how to live their new life with their loved one no longer in it.

Riverside wrongful death attorneys know that seeking compensation from the person or entity responsible for someone’s death is a difficult experience for surviving family members, but having an experienced attorney who will advocate for the deceased and his or her family can make it easier.

Wrongful death attorneys

In order to seek compensation for the losses that surviving family members have suffered, attorneys will work through the details of the case in order to prove liability and damages. Steps attorneys will take in wrongful death cases on behalf of grieving families typically include the following:

  • Attorneys will investigate facts and details to determine and prove the defendant’s fault. They will speak with witnesses, facilitate accident reconstruction, and review of records and documents as needed. They will secure important recordings and accident footage if available.
  • They will secure expert witnesses to consult and testify when needed to help prove the family members’ claims.
  • Attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies in order to obtain a settlement that fully and fairly compensates surviving family members.
  • Valuing the family members’ wrongful death claim is critical to securing a full recovery and they will help value the claim by gathering necessary material and evidence to show losses such as loss of the deceased’s financial support for his or her family.
  • When insurance companies are unwilling to agree to a fair settlement, attorneys will be prepared to take the solid case they have built to trial.
  • Survival actions are available in some wrongful death cases where the deceased survived for a period of time after the accident and incurred injuries and damages prior to death. When survival actions are available based on the case circumstances, experienced wrongful death attorneys will be able to help with those actions as well.

Financial compensation

Economic and non-economic damages may be recovered in a wrongful death claim. Economic recovery may include loss of financial support and future earnings, funeral and burial expenses, the loss of gifts and benefits the deceased would have provided, and the reasonable value of the deceased’s household services. Non-economic damages may include loss of love and companionship, training and guidance, and sexual relations. Survival action recovery is different in that it is meant to compensate the decedent’s estate for his or her damages suffered prior to death such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Punitive damages are sometimes available in survival actions as well.

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