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RIverside Truck Accident Attorney

According to the Department of Labor statistics, California is second on the list of states with the most truckers with close to 138,000 truck drivers residing in the state. Besides the 138,000 truck drivers that live in California, there are truck drivers from many other states that frequent California roads in the transportation of goods as well. This explains why large 18-wheelers are such a common sight on Riverside highways and freeways.

Because Riverside has such a high concentration of trucks on its roads, the risk of colliding with a large truck is higher as well. Riverside truck accident attorneys know that unfortunately, these collisions frequently amount to devastating injuries and fatalities. Truck drivers and truck companies carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to operating safely and when they do not uphold those responsibilities, innocent accident victims suffer.

Truck accident consequences

When it comes to truck accident injuries, moving on and recovering involves a lot more than medicine and rest. These accidents can turn families’ lives upside down. Often injury victims are unable to work because of their injuries, their calendar may be full with many doctors appointments and therapy sessions, and they may be unable to fulfill family obligations such as driving children to school, attending school programs, and regular household chores. Injury victims may be in chronic, immense pain and under a lot of stress.

Debilitating injuries can cause stress about the future due to required lifelong medical care and a permanent inability to work. Being unable to work and having lifelong medical care and bills would be stressful to anyone, but a good truck accident attorney will work through these issues and make sure that any settlement amount comprises past, present, and future injuries and damages related to the accident. Attorneys often do this with the help of medical experts to conduct independent medical examinations, review medical records and doctors’ reports, and offer expert testimony as needed.

Truck accident experts

In addition to evaluating injuries and long term outlooks, attorneys conduct thorough accident investigations to collect evidence that helps to support liability for the truck accident. Experienced truck accident attorneys know how to navigate truck accident investigations including reviewing truck company records to look for negligent practices and regulation violations. Truck drivers and companies are held to strict standards and violations of those regulations can be used to show negligence.

Insurance negotiations

Insurance settlements are only as good as the plaintiffs’ attorneys in truck accident cases. Handling negotiations related to truck accidents are very different than day to day car accidents. Due to the damages involved in truck accidents, settlement numbers between parties can start out being miles apart. A good truck accident attorney will come to the table with evidence including expert reports, medical bills, medical records, and everything else turned up during the investigation including regulation violations and safety and maintenance failures.

Setting forth all the evidence for the insurance companies will often make them think that they are better off agreeing to a large settlement than risking more in a jury award at trial. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a truck accident, contact a Riverside truck accident attorney at The Hayes Law Firm, APC by calling us today at 323-477-1415.

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