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If you injured in a train accident, experienced train accident attorneys will investigate to determine cause and liability to find the appropriate party or parties from which to seek compensation.
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Riverside Train Accident Attorney

Trains are efficient and a cost effective way to travel, especially in a city like Riverside where many residents commute to work in other areas of Inland Empire and farther away such as Los Angeles and Orange County. Trains are often touted as one of the safest forms of travel, but Riverside train accidents attorneys know that safety statistics only matter to people until they are involved in a train accident.

Types of train accidents

Train injuries do happen and they probably happen more often than people think.

Train injuries happen in train collisions and derailments, but they also can happen in other types of accidents such as slip and falls inside the train or on platforms. Pedestrians and bicyclists can suffer injuries when they trip or get caught in train tracks, especially at intersections without warnings of train tracks ahead. Injuries are, of course, more severe and fatal when pedestrians, bicyclists, or motor vehicles are struck by trains on the tracks.

Train accident liability

Train accidents and injuries can be confusing and without proper representation, train accident victims can feel alone in their battle to recover for their injuries and damages. Sometimes companies like Metrolink or Amtrack are the responsible party for train accidents and injuries, but other people and entities may be responsible as well, such as the track owners or those responsible for track or train maintenance. Train operators or train track trespassers could also be liable. Train manufacturers may be responsible for train defects that cause accidents. Experienced train accident attorneys will conduct an investigation to determine cause and liability in order to find the appropriate party or parties from which to seek compensation.

Train accident prevention

When it comes to train accident prevention, a lot of the responsibility is on train and track owners, but there are some practices and precautions that people can take to avoid accidents including the following:

  • Do not trespass on train tracks. It is not safe to walk or jog along train tracks, especially when wearing ear buds that compromise the ability to hear a train approaching.
  • Pedestrians, automobiles, and bicyclists should never stop on train tracks and should never stop too close to the tracks because trains are wider than the tracks.
  • Never ignore train warnings or attempt to beat trains across the tracks. Even slow moving trains are unable to stop quickly.
  • Do not ever assume that a track is abandoned or not in use.
  • Never drive around lowered gates, even when a train is not visible.
  • Occupants should immediately exit a vehicle that gets stuck on the tracks.
  • Train signals and gates can fail, so it is important to always look both ways before crossing train tracks.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in any type of train accident, contact a Riverside train accidents attorney at The Hayes Law Firm, APC by calling 323-477-1415 to discuss the accident and injuries sustained. Our attorneys are personal injury and train law experts who will work to help you secure a full recovery for your injuries and damages.

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