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Riverside Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft and other rideshares are very popular with Riverside residents. Lyft vehicles are often cleaner, more reliable, and less congested than public transportation. One drawback to taking a Lyft instead of going with a taxi or bus ride is that in the event of an accident, the battle for financial recovery can be significantly more difficult with Lyft due to the driver’s independent contractor status. Drivers of taxis, buses, and other common carriers in California are typically considered employees of the common carrier, which means that drivers’ employers are generally responsible for their employees’ actions while they are working. Lyft drivers’ independent contractor status can make recovery more difficult for people injured in Lyft accidents.

California has placed stricter requirements on rideshares in terms of insurance requirements and coverage policies which is helpful to those injured in rideshare accidents, but that has not eliminated coverage disputes in all accident cases. Riverside Lyft accident attorneys are familiar with the coverage disputes that frequently occur and hardball insurance adjusters that make low settlement offers to injury victims. They are also familiar with California’s rideshare laws, however, and this makes recovery for injured victims much easier when they have knowledgeable and experienced rideshare attorneys working on their behalf.

Coverage dispute background

Originally when rideshares came on the scene, if a driver was logged into the app, but had not accepted a ride, rideshare companies would refuse coverage for accidents because the driver was not in the process of transporting a passenger. The driver’s insurance company would also often refuse coverage because the driver was driving for hire at the time of the accident which meant that his or her personal policy was not in effect. This left injury victims fighting for financial recoveries when they should have been focused on fighting for their physical recoveries instead.

California rideshare law

Rideshare drivers in California are now required to be covered by insurance at all times while they are logged into the rideshare app. Since drivers’ personal auto insurance policies are often not in effect when they are logged into the app, drivers are required to buy their own personal rideshare insurance policy or one provided by their rideshare company. Not all rideshares provide these policies. If an accident occurs after the driver has accepted a ride, Lyft’s $1 million policy should be effect in the event of an accident.

Insurance coverage disputes

California’s rideshare law has made recovering compensation in Uber and Lyft accidents a little simpler by setting forth insurance rules and requirements. This does make coverage disputes a little easier to settle, but it does not mean that disputes are eliminated all together and that innocent victims no longer have to fight for the compensation that they deserve. This is especially true with rideshare insurance companies whose main focus is on keeping claim payouts low because they know that as rideshare popularity continues to grow, the number of accident claims that they are ultimately responsible for paying grows as well.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a rideshare accident, contact a Riverside Lyft accident attorney at The Hayes Law Firm, APC to discuss your claim and injuries sustained by calling 323-477-1415. When someone else’s negligence causes your injuries, you deserve to be compensated and our attorneys can help.

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