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Riverside DUI Accident Attorney

Claims against drunk drivers in DUI accident cases are not the same as car accident claims against negligent drivers. Riverside DUI accident attorneys know that injured DUI accident victims sometimes assume that any car accident attorney will be able to handle their claims, but the fact is that these claims are quite different from each other, especially when it comes to the accident investigation. Injuries sustained in DUI accidents are often severe and life changing, which means that injury victims cannot afford to take their chances with attorneys who are not experienced in DUI accident claims.

DUI accident investigation

Accident investigations conducted by experienced DUI accident attorneys will begin as soon as possible after the accident. Attorneys will investigate many aspects of the accident including the following:

  • Review all evidence and witness statements related to accident liability. While it is a crime to drive drunk, it does not mean that the defendant necessarily caused the accident. It is important to prove liability, rather than just prove the driver was drunk. Attorneys will also contact and interview accident witnesses.
  • Gather evidence to prove the driver had been drinking because this helps support the plaintiff’s case that the driver was negligent and reckless. Attorneys will review the accident report and may speak with the arresting officer. They will also contact and interview witnesses who were with or observed the defendant prior to the accident to learn about his or her conduct and alcohol consumption.
  • Attorneys will also look into any third party liability for contributing to the cause of the accident. For insurance purposes, it may be helpful to have a liable third party, especially when the driver does not have enough insurance to cover all of the accident victim’s injuries and damages.
  • Review any recordings such as surveillance footage, which may have caught the accident on camera or recorded the driver and his conduct and behaviors prior to the accident.

Settlement negotiations and trial

After a thorough investigation is complete and attorneys have gathered evidence helping to build a solid case for the plaintiff, settlement negotiations with insurance companies will usually get serious. Insurance companies often try to begin settlement negotiations before the investigation has even started, but quick settlements are often harmful to plaintiffs. Accepting a settlement offer before investigating the case and evaluating the totality of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages makes it hard to know the amount it will take to fully compensate the plaintiff.

DUI accident compensation

Full compensation involves property damage, medical bills, future medical bills for treatment related to the DUI accident injuries, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, sometimes punitive damages, and other damages sustained by the plaintiff. When insurance companies refuse to accommodate reasonable settlement demands to compensate victims for damages sustained in accidents, good attorneys will be prepared to take the claim to trial.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a DUI accident, contact a Riverside DUI accident attorney at The Hayes Law Firm, APC to schedule a free consultation. You deserve to be compensated and negligent, reckless drivers should be held accountable. Call us today at 323-477-1415.

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