Popular Food Choice Recalled For Labeling Problems
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Popular Food Choice Recalled For Labeling Problems

March 18, 2019
The Hayes Law Firm, APC

We know that the last thing you think about when you are piling food into the grocery cart or watching your children throw items in, is that something there will cause you or your loved ones harm. Unfortunately, there are times when faulty products make it into our homes.

We are learning that Chef Boyardee has recalled about 2,871 pounds of their products due to a mix-up of beef and chicken. The USDA says that the products, which are labeled as having rice with chicken and vegetables, actually contain beef ravioli. This may not seem like a big deal, but for people with certain allergies, it can mean life or death. At the Hayes Law Firm, we understand the danger of defective product. When you need a Montebello product liability attorney, call us today so we can get to work on securing the compensation you deserve.

The Reality

Sure, you see the occasional story on the news at night about vehicles that catch fire, batteries in scooters that explode, and foods with salmonella, but you never really worry about you or your family getting injured or becoming ill.

But look around you. How many products do you use on a daily basis without ever thinking about whether or not they are safe?

If we look at the government website tasked with keeping track of all current recalls in the United States, we will see just how much of a problem defective products are. No industry is spared. From automobiles, car seats, and appliances to toys, foods, and medications, there are hundreds of active recalls. We can see issues with:

  • Appliances that tip over too easily
  • Foods containing listeria
  • Makeup with asbestos
  • Car seats that do not latch correctly

The list goes on and often contains items that the average consumer would never think to check.

How This Happens

When we see faulty products, we can generally narrow their problems down to one of three things:

  1. They have a poor design to begin with that can cause harm to consumers. Often, this poor design is immediately noticed when a product hits the market. Other times, it can take years for the effects to become known.
  2. There was a manufacturing error that altered the product from its original design, rendering is harmful to consumers.
  3. The label is incorrect or information is left off the label. This can include faulty instructions or not having warnings and hazards listed. It can also include improper medication dosages and ingredients left off of foods.

What You Can Do Now

If a defective product has caused harm to you or someone you love, you may need to seek legal assistance. At the Hayes Law Firm, our qualified and experienced team will examine your case and get to work on securing compensation for the following:

  • Coverage of your medical expenses
  • Lost income and benefits if you cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Punitive damages against the company or manufacturer

When you need a Montebello product liability attorney, you can reach out for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 323-477-1415.

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